Our Qissa collection features a unique design that encapsulates the essence of their message.

Bridging divides, one word at a time. #Unity

The front of the clothing boldly displays the word ‘Unity’, a statement intended to remind everyone of our connection. It's a call to unify the world often divided by conflict and differences.

Each flame tells a story of loss and resilience.

The ‘fire’ print is representation of the destruction caused by bombings and other weapons in the conflict. Each flame in the print tells a story of loss and devastation , a stark reminder of the human cost of war. It's a visual representation of the pain and suffering endured by the people of Palestine, a testament to their resilience in the face of adversity.

A dragon of protection and hope

The ‘dragon’ print serves as a symbol of protection, support and hope. The dragon, a creature revered in Chinese culture for its power and benevolence, is a beacon of hope amidst the chaos. The design of the dragon is carefully crafted in the shape of the Chinese letter for Unity.

The dragon is not just a guardian but a symbol of global unity and solidarity. It represents the collective support from people around the world, standing together against the horrors of war. The brand aims to inspire its customers to be part of this global community, advocating for peace and unity.

The launch of this theme is not just about fashion, but about telling a story and spreading a message. Each design is a canvas, narrating a tale of conflict, resilience, and unity. The brand hopes that each wearer of their clothing will not only appreciate the design but also understand and share the powerful message behind it.

In a world often divided by conflict, The Fashioned Bunny is using this collection to advocate for unity. Our unique designs serve as a reminder of the power of solidarity and the potential for peace.

With our first launch, we hope to inspire our customers and the wider community to stand together for unity.